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Not all Georg’s tools are useable today but many are.  My father used the jack and jointer plane as well as the set square.  I have collected many tools especially moulding planes and other wooden planes.  I use these all the time as they are very efficient and do not make a noise and they are far less dangerous than modern electric planes.  Using these tools enables you to feel the hands and mind of the original craftsmen who used them.


I have acquired a furniture maker’s tool chest with its full set of moulding planes.  Over the years I have bought a great many  tools from markets and dealers for every day use.


I try to use my own tools so that those I have inherited remain in good condition or at least the condition I inherited them in.  For instance using a hand drill and a brace and bit for boring a small number of holes is fast and efficient, as all you have to do is pick up the tool and insert the bit.


I hope that you find this article helps you understand old tools and how they were used and help you look out for and look after any tools that you have inherited.  Use them – you will not be disappointed!


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