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Like other craftsman of his time, Georg Nissen had a name stamp to mark his tools G.NISSEN.


These tools reflect Georg Nissen’s trades of building mining machinery, houses and pattern making:


1858:                          Building houses in Missouri

1860-67                    Pike’s peak mining structures

1867 & 1870              Pattern making


Pattern making was very skilful as wooden moulds were made for making metal castings.  His tool box does not seem to have the specialist tools he would have needed for this, so it is probable that the company provided them or that he bought and sold them when he stopped using them.



What is missing from the tools we have inherited?


Georg Nissen would have had:


  • Hammers and wooden mallets

  • Saws especially panel saws (his box contains buttons for these)

  • Axes especially hand axes.

  • A brace for use with bits (we still have one bit so he must have had one – the pattern has never changed so the brace we have could be his).




Please see spreadsheet with tools listed here.