We have set up a Nissen Hut consultancy in order to help people who own, want to adapt or conserve Nissen Huts. 


This consultancy is headed by Mark Lynch who will advise, make site visits and help with all that is necessary.  He knows everything about Nissen Huts and even works from one.


One of the things we are clear about is to make them comfortable and cosy. This can all be done. Just contact us



A modern Nissen Hut makes an ideal Garden Office. See www.nissenhut.co.uk.


George Nissen (great grandson of Peter Nissen, the inventor) and Mark Lynch have designed and developed a garden office, the Nissen Pod, which will not require planning permission (maximum size must be less than 15 sq/m of floor space). The Nissen Pod has an internal area of nearly 7 sq/m which make a perfect office.  The Pod can be extended if required.


Everyone thinks of Nissen Huts being draughty and cold. Our new one is very highly insulated with treated wool and is very cosy and uses hardly any energy even on the coldest day and is designed to be totally recyclable.  It can be moved if you need to.

There are no concrete slab or special ground works required as the Pod is designed to sit on specially manufactured ground supports that screw into the ground and are adjusted to make everything level.

It will be delivered to site and can be erected in a maximum of three days.


It comes with all the internal electrics and LED lighting.


Mark Lynch (who is an IT expert) says that all the usual office equipment can be run in the Pod including WiFi and good connectivity for mobile phones.


Nissen Huts can be banked up on either side to produce a hill like effect with turf running over the whole building.


Extra internal furniture can be made to fit.


Richard Nissen

Grandson of the inventor Peter Nissen

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